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Level 2 guidelines:

  • Mask are not required if you are dining in. (Mask are required all other times.)
  • All guest must sign in using the Covid Tracer app. If you do not have the app, you can sign in manually on our sign in sheet.

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We also accept phone orders, in case you have a voucher or if you have additional questions:
Our number is 03 441 4701

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Love Chicken Not War

About Us
At Love Chicken, we believe we can all change the world simply by what we choose to eat. Imagine if everyone in New Zealand decided to wake up tomorrow morning and only buy organic free-range eggs. Boom! You’ve changed the world.

Love Chicken is on a mission to change the world, simply by doing things right. That is why we pride ourselves on sourcing incredible ingredients from like-minded growers, farmers, bakers and food producers. Our chicken is not only freerange, but organic, which means no antibiotics, no chemicals, no chlorine & no hormones. Sourced from Bostock’s in Hawkes Bay, Ben and his brother George also want to change to the world. Their chickens roam free, scratching for worms under old apple groves – you have never witnessed a happier chook. And a happy chook for us, is a tasty chook.

At Love Chicken, our chips are made from potatoes grown here in the south; our milkshakes use real organic fruit and milk; we buy salad greens from two different ladies down the road and we are proudly a Coca Cola free-zone.

  Stand for something

  Start a revolution
Organic Chicken is Better
We source all of our chicken from Bostock Brothers. Why? Because it's a better product and you can definitely taste the difference. Find out more about Bostock Brothers and their range of products at BOSTOCKSORGANIC.CO.NZ or click on thier logo below.
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